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Independent Hand Technologies Consultant
Independent Hand Technologies Consultant

I am an Independent Hand Technologies Consultant. The following products represent a small sampling of the technology products you can find in the Hand Technologies product catalog. Click Here to visit the complete catalog.
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WebTV Plus
$199.99 Includes Shipping

Philips Magnavox WebTV Plus
Philips Magnavox WebTV Plus

Now anyone can afford the Philips Magnavox WebTV Plus at this great price of $199.99.

The new WebTV Plus System gives you a greater level of interaction with your television set, a 1.1 GB (gigabyte) hard drive, and many other new features. It provides a better way to choose which shows to watch and a new way to enjoy more entertainment, information, and services that uniquely relate to those shows. Order  the WebTV Plus System for $199.99.

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WebTV Classic
$99.99 Includes Shipping

The WebTV Classic is the original low-cost Internet terminal. Order now for only $99.99.

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IshoptheNet4U, Inc.
Independent Hand Technologies Consultant
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I am an Independent Hand Technologies Consultant. If you need technology products for your home or small business, I can help you find a real-world solution to fit your budget and computing requirements.

Philips Magnavox Infrared Wireless Keyboard
$54.99 Includes Shipping

WebTV Wireless Keyboard
Philips Magnavox WebTV Plus
Wireless Keyboard

The Wireless Keyboard is for use with the Philips Magnavox WebTV Classic Internet Terminal or the Philips Magnavox WebTV Plus sold separately. Order the WebTV Wireless Keyboard Now for $54.99.

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Printer Adapter for the WebTV Classic

The WebTV Classic requires a printer adapter to attach a printer. You cannot print from a Classic WebTV without a printer adapter. While we are no longer able to supply these, you can get them direct from the manufacturer.

If you have a Philips Magnavox Classic WebTV Terminal, call 1-888-813-7069.

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Hand Technologies also carries Hewlett-Packard and Canon printers that can be used with WebTV Plus and WebTV Classic.

Click here to see more information about printers.

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Hand Technologies 2 Year Extended Warranty -- $59.99

Extend your WebTV's warranty from one year carry-in to a two year In-Home Service.


WebTV Plus Features

Keyboard Features

Pball.gif (96 bytes) 1.1 GB Hardrive
Pball.gif (96 bytes) Cable-ready tuner
Pball.gif (96 bytes) TV Listings
Pball.gif (96 bytes) Full motion video
Pball.gif (96 bytes)Symphonic sound
Pball.gif (96 bytes) 56kpb modem
Pball.gif (96 bytes) Built-in parrallel port
Pball.gif (96 bytes) Picture-in-picture capability
Pball.gif (96 bytes) Crossover links
Pball.gif (96 bytes) Updated via the Internet so you always have the most current technology
Pball.gif (96 bytes) Wireless, Infrared Keyboard operates on the same principle as your TV remote control
Pball.gif (96 bytes) Short-Cut Keys provide easy access to favorite Web functions -- Home Page, E-mail, and other features
Pball.gif (96 bytes) Popular Short-Cut Keys glow in the dark
Pball.gif (96 bytes) 2 Universal TV Remote Control for complete TV/Internet Control
Pball.gif (96 bytes) Battery Operated: Uses 2 standard AAA batteries (included)

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