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Debra Smallwood
State Representative
2752 Cedardale Rd.
Dallas, Tx.77488
email: Sets Launch Date

November 11, 1998 (Your City) Launch date for the National Network of School Websites has been set for January 4, 1999. offers a free, 20-page website to area schools to enhance the education of children across the nation. has been created by a network of parents who have received no monetary payment for their efforts to date, but have, for the benefit of the children, teachers, and communities nationwide, created a Network linking schools, businesses, and homes together through a comprehensive website of resources. is dedicated to bringing communities together through technology to strengthen the education of children and helping schools, homes and businesses to more effectively utilize the technology available to them as they move into the 21st Century.

Each website includes: a Parent Resource Center, Teacher's Lounge, Student Center, Cyberary Literacy Center, Study Hall, Technology Center, Cyber Preschool, Chat Rooms, Resource Directory, Business Directory, Community Links and Local Links. is provided as a medium for schools and teachers to communicate with parents; for parents to have a voice in the education of their children and the resources needed to be active partners in education; and to provide businesses a way to direct funds and resources into the education of local children, their future workforce.

In addition provides parents and students opportunities to become involved as local webmasters to help design websites for their communities. This not only provides a needed resource to the local populus, but provides hands-on experience for future employment and resumes of students and parents alike. Those working with will receive the necessary training, tools and support they need to develop the local websites at no cost.

"The Network is a fulfillment of my dream to create a global community where parents, teachers, businesses, and children can come together," stated Sharilee Javadi, Founder of  "Let's make our world a better place for every child, one teacher, one community at a time," she continued.

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