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Through our Youth Web Masters Program we provide an opportunity for todays youth to learn a skill which will help prepare them for a Future in todays Technological and Informational oriented society.
We also provide the means in which they can utilize the talents they have developed in a meaningful and rewarding way.

Our Youth Web Masters Program is designed to provide Youth an Opportunity to..........

Develop web page design skills; we provide the tools, resources, and training to teach our youth the skills necessary to Design, Develop and Maintain web pages

Utilize existing Web page design skills to benefit their Community; in addition to the training aspect of our Program, we also offer those who already posses these skills the opportunity to immediately begin using their talents to design and develop web pages for their Local Community Businesses and Schools, while earning income.

Provide Youth an Opportunity to create their own flexible Home Based job opportunities while they complete their schooling and develop additional skills for their chosen career; through our program we provide the means for our Youth Web Masters to offer Businesses a comprehensive Web Presence option package resulting in residual income, in addition to immediate web page design and development income.

Provide Youth with experience that can be listed on a resume; our Youth Web Masters will be able to demonstrate or present existing examples of their Web Design skills to potential future Employers.
An invaluable tool for those seeking employment in todays job market

Special Notes

Participation in our Youth Web Masters Program requires Parent`s notification and permission. Parents involvement is welcomed and encouraged on any level desired.
It is also required that our Youths are actively enrolled in School, public, private, home study or otherwise in order to participate in this Program.

All personal information on our Youth Web Masters is held in the strictest of confidence and the use of online Nicknames are encouraged for general use.

Each month the Web Pages designed and developed by our Youth Web Masters will be reviewed for consideration of the,
"Youth Web Masters Award of Design Excellence"
The Web Site selected by our Review Committee will be given the opportunity to display this Award as seen below on their Web Site.
The Youth will also receive this Award to place on their personal sites.

Only those Sponsors who utilize the talents and services offered through our Youth Web Masters Program are eligible to receive this Award.
Through their Sponsorship they are supporting the future of our Youth and Education.
To visit this months Sponsor of the Month, click on the Award above.
For more Information on Sponsorship or to join our Program, click here
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