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NG Postings

Posting to Newsgroups

Normally, if you're posting to a newsgroup from WebTV, you either use Post or Respond from Discuss. To find Discuss, go to your (Webtv) homepage, click on Community on the side bar, click on "Discuss". You now have access to all usernet news groups that webtv provides access to. There are hundreds of other newsgroups which cannont be accessed through Webtv`s "Discuss" port, of which you may access through an alternative gateway such as deja news. You can also submit posts to newsgroups from e-mail. There are several reasons you might want to do this:

If you're only interested in posting from a non-WebTV e-mail account, you may be better off registering and posting through Deja News; to do so, click here.

How It Works

There are several e-mail–to–news gateways on the Internet, the one I'm going to describe is at MIT in Massachusetts. When the address you send to receives an e-mail, it reads the address and follows the information you supply to direct the message to a newsgroup as a post. This is the format of the address:

YYYYMMDD is the date you're submitting the post, if the current date is October 21, 1998, this part of the e-mail address would be 19981021.

groupname is the name of the Usenet group you're posting to, for instance alt.collecting.beaniebabies or

Things to Consider when using Mail2News

When posting to any Usenet newsgroup with a post not conducive with the Group Topic, i recommend that you put "OT" in your header to let the group members know your post is Off Topic thus allowing them the opportunity to bypass it. Remember though, Off Topic post are considered a violation of group charters, Usernet rules and most Server`s "Terms of Service". If you receive a warning from your ISP you should take it seriously as your account could be suspended or canceled for not adhering to, or heeding their instructions to discontinue such postings. Violations of Webtv`s TOS will also subject you to possible fines if your account is canceled and you wish to reactivate. Not to discourage you from posting, the upside to this is that webtv is very neglegent in addressing OT posting violations if such post do not represent a liability to them due to content. I recommend using an E mail account such as the ones noted above for your OT postings to advoid this problem. There are several free online E mail services you can use.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information provided herein, feel free to E me at